Warriors Come Back To Defeat The Clippers

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When the Golden State Warriors were on the court during the third quarter, it was considered the beginning of the end for the teams playing against them. During this brief window of opportunity, the Warriors embark on a run that cannot be stopped and from which there is no retreat. They embark on a scoring run that would be appropriate for a highlight reel or montage in a documentary.

They did it for the Los Angeles Clippers and brought it back. Getting Kawhi Leonard back for 2019 is tied to the fact that the Warriors seemed to be playing with a sense of purpose for once this season, which was a rare occurrence.

The Warriors entered the second half behind by 11 points, but they cranked up the pressure. They proceeded on a scoring run that saw them win by 42-16, with Jordan Poole’s strong shooting leading.

Poole outscored the Clippers by himself, scoring 22 points in the third quarter alone to take the lead in the scoring.

Jonathan Kuminga’s contribution of 19 points to the Warriors’ total was almost as amazing as Poole’s final score of 34 points, which carried the Warriors to victory. It is nothing but terrible information for the Clippers to hear.

Steph Curry is expected to make his comeback very soon, which is terrible news for anyone competing against Golden State.

Big-time ballers

The sight of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving working together while sharing the ball has never been so attractive. In a victory against the 76ers, the two players combined for 82 points scored.

Doncic had a game-high 42 points, while Irving had a total of 40, making them the first pair of Mavericks players to both score 40 or more points in the same game.

In the Wizards’ most recent victory against the Raptors, Kyle Kuzma once again led the team in scoring with 30 points, which was good for the team lead.

This season, Kuz has accumulated the most points for the squad overall.

Jeremy Sochan, a rookie with the Spurs, had a fantastic game against the Pacers, scoring 22 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. This is the first time he has recorded a double-double in Sochan’s career.