Trae Young Has Shown His Admiration and Respect For Fired Nate McMillan

NBA ARTICLES » Trae Young Has Shown His Admiration and Respect For Fired Nate McMillan

Trae Young claims that he had nothing but love and respect for Nate McMillan throughout their time together as coaches of the Atlanta Hawks, but he expects to have no role in selecting McMillan’s successor.

Young gave his first interview to the media on Friday since the Hawks dismissed McMillan on Tuesday. At the time of the firing, the Hawks were in eighth place in the Eastern Conference standings. After Wednesday’s practice, Young could not be reached for comment, and he was not required to participate in Thursday’s session due to personal obligations.

After five seasons, Young is getting ready to play for his third full-time coach. When asked whether he is concerned that another move may affect people’s impression of his ability to sustain long-term relationships with coaches, Young said, “People are going to say what they’ve got to say.”

“Many players have competed for a diverse collection of coaches. I don’t look at it that way. I won’t look at the next coach who walks into this room. I’m going for the title, but I aim to come out on top regardless of what it is.”

Young is a two-time All-Star and now serves as the starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks. He also leads the club in scoring, averaging 26.7 points per game, and is the team’s leader on the court. He dispelled the rumors that his relationship with McMillan was a tumultuous one.

During the session that took place on Friday morning, Young said that “there are a lot of times that people truly don’t understand that he and I have had, and That’s Good.” “At some point, it is going to be discussed. I am aware that I do not share everything with everyone. I have, to some extent, allowing you all to spread false tales about some aspects of who I am and the nature of my relationships with other individuals. I play basketball.”

After the termination, Young said that he spoke with McMillan, and he added, “It’s not the last time he and I are going to speak.”

On Wednesday, Hawks general manager Landry Fields said that the rumors that issues with Young hindered McMillan’s play were unjust to Young. Fields made this statement. Fields said McMillan’s friendship with Young did not play a role in his decision to change coaches and that it was not a part.

Fields said that he has already begun his search for a full-time successor for McMillan and that Fields believes that former Utah coach Quin Snyder is a possibility for the position.

Young said about the hunt for a new head coach, “I don’t care to have any involvement.”

He said, “I have faith in the individuals in charge.” While I’ve been in this position, I’ve always maintained that stance. For me, absolutely nothing has changed.

Fields said that he thought it was time for a new voice on the Hawks bench and that “there was slippage” after the club lost four of six games before the All-Star break. Fields also said it was time for a new voice on the Hawks bench.

Young said, “That’s not up to me,” when asked whether he thought it was time for a new voice in the band.

“I can’t say for sure. That is a contributing factor. There will be instances when it is not going to be simple. There will be those talks in which things could go better. It is only a component of it. Certain circumstances could be more pleasant and challenging.

Young participated in Friday’s practice and is set to start the game against Cleveland on Friday night. The Hawks (29-30) are hoping for a late-season surge under interim coach Joe Prunty, and Young’s participation in Friday’s practice is a step in the right direction.