Trae Puts up 81 Points in Two Games; Hawks Give up 302

Trae Puts up 81 Points in Two Games; Hawks Give up 302

Trae Young, who has had a hard time finding his 3-point shot for the better part of the season, maybe getting closer to finding some consistency with it. Young has scored 81 points throughout his most recent two games, making 13 of 24 3-point shots.


Young scored 43 points against the Nets the following night, one night after putting up 38 points against Indiana. During that time frame, the Hawks racked up a total of 299 points in scoring.


The unfortunate piece of news is that they ditched the 302.


The end result was a loss to the Indiana Pacers by a score of 157-152 and a win in overtime against the Nets by a score of 147-145, giving the team a record of 1-1. Two of the season’s most exciting games were played back-to-back by Atlanta  Hawks, and you might not see two more exciting games this season.


After making some crucial shots down the stretch on Tuesday, Young did it again on Wednesday, coming up huge in the crucial moments. It was a close call; he missed his first free throw with one second to go and the Hawks trailing by one, but he managed to make the second to send it to overtime, where he scored 14 points, including the point that ultimately won the game for the Hawks. It was a nail-biting finish.


Even though Young shot well from outside the arc against the Nets (8-for-16), it took him a season-high 31 shots to score the 43 points that put him in the record books. The backcourt of Atlanta’s team combined with Dejounte Murray to fire off 52 shots.


Oh, well, they’ll take it anyway. The Hawks are the definition of a squad that treads water, as they now sit at 7-7 on the season. Playing this defense style differs from a model that can be maintained over the long term, but wins are won in the short term. In the long run, we are crossing our fingers that Young can support his impressive play from the three spots for a considerable amount of time.


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