Spurs and Wembanyama On Day 1 Of Summer League in Vegas

Spurs and Wembanyama On Day 1 Of Summer League in Vegas
Spurs and Wembanyama On Day 1 Of Summer League in Vegas

On the opening day of NBA Summer League action in Las Vegas, San Antonio’s Victor Wembanyama and Charlotte’s No. 2 pick, Brandon Miller, may compete against one another.

On July 7, the first day of the NBA season in Las Vegas, San Antonio will face Charlotte. It will be a rematch from earlier in the summer; the same two teams are scheduled to compete against one another on the first day of the California Classic in Sacramento on July 3.

Wembanyama and Gregg Popovich, the head coach of the Spurs, have both stated that the generational French talent will compete this summer. It is unknown how many times he will compete, nor is it known whether he will compete in Sacramento, Las Vegas, or both locations.

However, the NBA is preparing it for prime time on Day 1 in Vegas, just in case something unexpected happens. The game between San Antonio and Charlotte on that day will be televised that night on NBA Online Betting PH, as will the game between Portland and Houston, which means that No. 3 pick Scoot Henderson of the Trail Blazers and No. 4 pick Amen Thompson of the Rockets will be playing against each other.

Wembanyama added, “I can’t wait to wear my first Spurs jersey,” and he was excited about it.

The NBA Summer League will take place in Las Vegas from July 7 to 17, coinciding with the first-ever NBA Con, the league’s brand-new festival of basketball and culture, which will take place at the start of the competition.

Other important matchups and notes from the summer league:

— The postseason will begin with the semifinals on July 16 and the title game on July 17, with four clubs advancing to the postseason.

Before the playoff field is decided, every team will get a chance to compete in four games. On either July 15 or 16, clubs that did not make the playoffs will compete in a fifth game.

The Thompson twins, Amen Thompson (ranked fourth) and Ausar Thompson (ranked fifth), may face each other on July 9 during the game between Amen’s Houston Rockets and Ausar’s Detroit Pistons.

The match between San Antonio and Portland is scheduled for July 9. Wembanyama and Henderson will play against each other again; they faced off in a pair of exhibition games last fall in Las Vegas, one including Wembanyama’s French squad and the other featuring Henderson’s G League Ignite.

On July 14, the summer teams of Denver and Miami, which competed against one other in the NBA Finals earlier this month, with Denver emerging victorious in the best-of-seven series, will face off against one another.



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