Kevin Durant’s Ex-teammate Said He Wants to Retire in Europe

Kevin Durant's Ex-teammate Said He Wants to Retire in Europe

In spite of the fact that Kevin Durant is 35 years old, he is not exhibiting any indications of getting older. Nevertheless, Durant has communicated to at least a few of his former colleagues that he would like to travel to Europe and spend some time playing there when the prospect of retiring becomes more compelling for him.


The future Hall of Famer’s viewpoint was discussed by Edmond Sumner, who played with Durant on the Brooklyn Nets during the 2022–2023 season. Sumner also explained why he believes that Durant may potentially play in Europe.


In an interview with Jonas Leksas of, Sumner stated, “He might pop up, man.” “KD is something I enjoy. He was a wonderful person and an outstanding member of the team. We can only hope that he arrives. He has a habit of saying he would like to come over here and play once he finishes playing in the NBA.


According to Sumner, “So, let’s see if that happens,” he continued. I believe it, however, since he is so obsessed with baseball that it is the only thing that matters to him.


This is not the first time that the concept of Durant playing in the EuroLeague has been brought up; in fact, the star player himself has discussed the possibility of his doing so in the past. The frank statement that Durant would like to play his final season with FC Barcelona was made during his appearance on the How Hungry Are You? podcast hosted by Serge Ibaka.

While Durant confessed that he thinks about that when he is “on the couch, watching TV, dreaming,” he also admitted that he was uncertain whether he would actually go through with it.


Despite the fact that he is still playing at an elite level, Durant is currently averaging 31.0 points per game, which is his highest average since the 2013–2014 season with the Thunder. Furthermore, he has accumulated an incredible 6.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists through the course of 18 games.


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