Kai Sotto’s Third DNP With Magic In NBA Summer League

Kai Sotto's Third DNP With Magic In NBA Summer League
Kai Sotto's Third DNP With Magic In NBA Summer League

Kai Sotto has not yet made an appearance for the Orlando Magic in any of the three games that have been played so far in the NBA Summer League. The game between the Magic and the New York Knicks that took place on Thursday at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas went into overtime, but the Filipino center did not participate in even a single play during the game. In the end, the Knicks were able to pull off a victory with a score of 82-80, which ensured that Orlando would remain winless in the NBA preseason showcase.

Basketball fans from around the world felt the need to express their dismay with the way Magic Summer League head coach Dylan Murphy is handling the 21-year-old NBA prospect Kai Sotto after another loss and another benching by Murphy. Sotto is currently playing for the Magic Summer League.

Since the game went into overtime, Pat, a user on Twitter, had high hopes that Kaiju would get some playing time in the extra period.

“Damn, not even overtime can get that man Kai Sotto off the bench,” he said on the website.

Another Internet user, who goes by the handle @duke33suns on Twitter, attempted to find a favorable association between Kai’s three consecutive absences from the lineup and the Magic’s record of 0-3. However, this is different.

“At least you won’t be able to blame #kaisotto for the loss of three games. You s*ck! “Coach is terrible, too,” he sheepishly remarked on the forum.

NBA Online Betting PH fan Shun Domondon has given his word that the Magic will prevail once Coach Dylan makes the decision to play Sotto.

“Allow me to share something with you: Do you want to be successful? Then use the hashtag #LetKaiPlay,” he insisted.

A user on the Magic’s message board named Jcruzin essentially implored the team to give Sotto a shot at playing in the NBA, even if it would have to be with a different team.

According to a tweet from @JSCRUZin876, “If you don’t have plans to get Kai Sotto, at least give him a chance to show what he can offer to other teams,”

Simply put, a large number of supporters are hoping that the 7-foot-3 beanpole will be given the opportunity to show off his skills in Las Vegas. The voice of the people, which had been ignored until this point, was reiterated by Nef Inocencio.

“We want Kai Sotto,” he pleaded with them.

When the Magic take on the Portland Trail Blazers at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, July 14, this may be the last opportunity for Sotto to demonstrate his worth on an NBA stage. If Kai receives a DNP for the fourth time in a row, he should consider some of these other choices.



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