Kai Sotto Aims To Prove Two Things In NBA Summer League

Kai Sotto Aims To Prove Two Things In NBA Summer League
Kai Sotto Aims To Prove Two Things In NBA Summer League

Kai Sotto considers himself blessed to be in this situation despite the overwhelming amount of noise and pressure.

In this year’s NBA Summer League, Kai Sotto has yet to enter even one second of playing time. The treatment of the 21-year-old center on the bench by Orlando Magic Summer League coach Dylan Murphy frustrates many fans that cheer for him. But in terms of Sotto himself, his attitude toward the club based in Florida and the entire process is and will continue to be entirely positive.

The 7-foot-3 beanpole gave an interview to NBA Online Betting PH about the experience he’s been having so far as a member of an NBA club competing in the preseason showcase. The interview was likely taped before the Magic’s loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday. In the interview, he discussed in detail the experience he’s been having so far.

“[I’m] surrounded by really good guys, coaches,” he said. The young player who was shooting for the NBA claimed that up to this point, he had a good time with all that had happened.

However, it is important for Sotto to demonstrate his value to the Magic’s coaches and executives on the sidelines to give back for the valuable experience he received from the Magic.

“All I want to do is demonstrate to the coaches that I am a good player and a good teammate,” he said. When they need me, I won’t hesitate to answer the call. According to the big man playing for Gilas Pilipinas, “I’ll be a positive guy on the corner, on the bench.”

Even though Coach Dylan has not yet called Kaiju’s number, the primary goal of the Asian immigrant from Japan’s B.League at this point is to glean as much helpful information as he possibly can from his time spent competing in the tournament in Las Vegas.

“I’m basically like a sponge. “I’m just trying to learn from everyone, from all of the things that are happening to us,” Sotto remarked.

Kai never loses sight of the broader picture, which includes the responsibility he has as a basketball star representing an entire country, even as he takes on the great challenge of pursuing his ambition of playing in the NBA.

“I feel as though everywhere I go, I represent the Philippines, so I just need to be aware of my actions,” she said. “It’s an honor.” And as I mentioned before, in order to participate in the Summer League, all I have to do is put in the work, and I need to be prepared for when the coach calls my name.

If Sotto gets an opportunity to play in the NBA Summer League game between the Magic and the New York Knicks on Thursday morning, he will be able to pacify his supporters by showing up and contributing to the game.



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