Jazz Comeback To Beat Celtics; Sixers Win 8th Straight

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Jazz Comeback To Beat Celtics; Sixers Win 8th Straight

Williams had a chance to win the game at the buzzer as the Jazz were leading by one point, and time was running down. He found himself within one point-blank range of the basket. Walker Kessler, a rookie with the Jazz, had his unique perspectives.

The fact that Kessler was able to block Williams’ attempt to win the game and cap off a 19-point comeback for the Jazz added insult to injury for Boston. Jaylen Brown led the Celtics with 25 points, while Williams concluded the game with 23 points in a losing effort.

The Jazz displayed a more balanced effort, as all five starting players scored double-digit throughout the game. The defeat enabled the Sixers to move ahead of the Celtics in the standings in the Eastern Conference while also bolstering the Jazz’s chances of securing a spot in the play-in round in the Western Conference.

Danny Ainge, CEO of the Jazz basketball team and a Celtic icon has every reason to be pleased with the outcome of this important game on his schedule.

With Boston’s defeat, the Philadelphia 76ers are now the second seed in the Eastern Conference since they have won eight consecutive games. Even hotter than that is Joel Embiid, who has scored more than 30 points in his last nine games. He is the first member of the Sixers franchise to accomplish this feat.

The Magic are making the most of their remaining games as they search for a play-in position in the tournament. Markelle Fultz and Wendell Carter Jr. scored 28 points against the Clippers, with Wendell Carter Jr. finishing with 27.