Dillon Brooks Ejected on Rockets Debut for Hitting Daniel Theis

Dillon Brooks ejected on Rockets Debut for hitting Daniel Theis

Well-known NBA jerk Dillon Brooks was kicked-off on the Houston Rockets‘ debut on Tuesday, less than five minutes into his start. At the exact time, it took 4:33.


His mistake? Giving someone a punch below the belt. While playing basketball.


When the event happened, the Rockets and Indiana Pacers were playing in a preseason game. Dan Theis was the victim.


Houston was ahead 13–10, and Brooks was covering Benedict Mathurin on the outside. These put a screen in front of Brooks. In response, Brooks hit him in the groin with a left hook. It hit right on target.


I’ve included a close-up.


And one more view just to be safe.


As you might expect, they weren’t happy. Despite that, he stayed calm.


In the meantime, officials went to the monitor to find out how wrong the violation was. They correctly judged that it was a flagrant two foul, which means the player was automatically ejected.


Brooks smiled and waved goodbye to the crowd in Houston when he found out what would happen to him. Then, he got up quickly without grumbling.


Brooks became known as a guy that other players didn’t like during his six seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies. For reasons like these. Need proof? Ask LeBron James.


Brooks also got a flagrant 2 for that low blow on James in the playoffs last year. Brooks later said that the media and fans were to blame for the punishment.


Brooks was nervous then but seemed excited to play the part again in Houston. The Rockets’ opponents have been warned.KICKED


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