Celtics Take Game 3 With Tatum And Brown Against 76ers

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Celtics Take Game 3 With Tatum And Brown Against 76ers

The Boston Celtics defeated the Philadelphia 76ers by a score of 114-102 on Friday night to take a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference semifinal series. Jayson Tatum had 27 points, while Jaylen Brown had 23. This victory prevented Joel Embiid from being crowned MVP of the NBA Playoffs.

Sunday will be the day for Game 4 in Philadelphia.

During the pregame ceremony, Embiid was presented with the MVP trophy. In his second game back from a damaged right knee, he recorded a double-double with 30 points and 13 rebounds.

Fans of the 76ers were not given many reasons to applaud again after Boston’s performance.

De’Anthony Melton’s 3-pointer for the Sixers brought them within five points, which got the fans back into the game for the last 20 seconds. However, Malcolm Brogdon’s 3-pointer for the Celtics gave them a lead of 100-92 when he responded with his 3-pointer. As he has done for most of his career, Al Horford destroyed the Sixers by sinking a 3-point shot to give his team a seven-point advantage.

Embiid was forced to try and win the game by himself without any significant offensive support, but he missed a pull-up shot from 18 feet, and Tatum made a jump shot that almost ended the contest. After Tatum nailed one more three-pointer for good measure, the Celtics were able to take the lead in the series.

Before Game 3, Embiid was awarded the Most Valuable Player by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Both his parents and his teammates accompanied him. The scream of the Sixers crowd could be heard as Joel Embiid lifted the championship trophy high over his head. The atmosphere suddenly became quite moving. Arthur, Embiid’s little kid, came onto the floor and into his father’s arms as soon as he saw the action.

As spectators cheered, “MVP! MVP!” Joel Embiid wiped away tears from his eyes while holding his kid, wearing a T-shirt that said, “My dad is the MVP.”

Embiid said, “Honest to God, he’s the primary reason I’m here.” “Having children has completely redirected the course of my life. I wanted to set a good example for him to follow.”

The happy days didn’t stick around for very long.

The ceremony in Boston didn’t have much of an effect on the Bruins as they raced to a fast 10-point lead.

The remainder of the game consisted mostly of the Sixers playing catch-up. All of the efforts that were put in to fight back and take short leads were immediately wasted, as the Celtics were able to regain possession of the ball.

Embiid valiantly attempted to carry the Sixers on his healthy knee, but James Harden and Tyrese Maxey were little assistance. Harden’s performance of 45 points in an upset victory in Game 1 in Boston seemed more of an anomaly than a portent of things to come. After shooting 2 for 14 in a losing effort in Game 2, Harden shot 3 for 13 and scored 16 points in Game 3.

In the third quarter, when he had the opportunity to turn the game’s tide, Harden could not lift the Sixers.

However, he did find P.J. Tucker open for a three-point shot, which brought the score for the Sixers to 74-72. After that, Harden missed two consecutive jump shots and fouled Brown when attempting a difficult layup. After Brown successfully hit the free throw, the Celtics extended their lead to eight points.

The fact that Harden passed up a number of open looks and layups was the strangest thing for the 76ers to deal with. In addition to that, he was responsible for five turnovers.

Embiid had previously scored 53 points against the Celtics in a showdown in early April, but he was never able to get going in Game 3. Embiid was subjected to constant double-teaming by the Celtics from the opening tip, and by the time the third quarter was through, he seemed to be out of breath. Embiid, who did not have a teammate he could rely on to hit shots, decided to shoulder the scoring burden all by himself and ended up scoring 12 points in the third quarter, during which he played the whole period.

Grant Williams, who plays for Boston, had blood coming out of his mouth at the end of the game, and it seemed like he had been kicked in the head by a falling Joel Embiid.


Joe Mazzulla, head coach of the Celtics, was overheard after a day-off video conversation mumbling, “I am the worst coach ever.” He explained that he had forgotten to acknowledge Marcus Smart in a team video session for receiving the NBA Hustle Award. This explanation came before Game 3, which was played.

He remarked, “We went through an entire film session, and I didn’t show my appreciation for him.” He also claimed that he regretted not showing appreciation earlier. “I believe they (the media) questioned me about it, and my eyes lit up,” she said. I was thinking, ‘What an idiot.’ As I was closing up the conversation, all I could think was, ‘Damn,’ and I immediately texted him about it.

76ers: Finished the first quarter making all 12 of their attempts from the free throw line.