Celtics Center Kristaps Porzingis to Receive Calf MRI

Celtics Center Kristaps Porzingis to Receive Calf MRI

Kristaps Porzingis, a big man for the Boston Celtics, exited Friday’s game against the Orlando Magic because of calf stiffness in the third quarter and did not return. The game was a loss for the Celtics. After the game, he revealed to Gary Washburn that he would receive an MRI on his calf the next day, Saturday, when the Celtics travel back to Boston from their road trip.

Porzingis reported that he felt a tweak as he was sprinting and did not slip while on the court. This is notable since the game on Friday was a contest in the In-Season Tournament, and there have been some worries about the need for more traction on the new courts being used for the tournament. The fact that the game went forward despite these concerns is noteworthy. Jaylen Brown, a forward with the Celtics, slipped and injured his groin earlier this season while playing in the In-Season Tournament hosted by the Toronto Raptors. Brown later described the surface as “unacceptable.”


On Friday, despite leading by more than ten points on numerous occasions throughout the game, the Celtics were ultimately defeated by a margin of 17 points after suffering a second-half meltdown. In the end, Porzingis played for 22 minutes and finished with nine points, four rebounds, two assists, and two steals.


There are currently no indications that this is anything serious; nonetheless, whenever Porzingis is placed on the injury list, there will be a sense of concern among fans and personnel alike. Since 2017, he has only played in one of the 60 games scheduled for that season. Since then, he has endured a variety of severe knee injuries, including a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and a torn meniscus.


Porzingis has played in every game this season except one, but he was sidelined with plantar fasciitis over the summer, which prevented him from participating in the FIBA World Cup.


The Celtics place significant importance on Porzingis, and one of their primary goals is to ensure that the big man remains in good condition. He is one of the few centers who can effectively guard the rim while also opening up floor space, and he has been a significant contributor to the team’s early-season success on both sides of the ball. The Celtics have a plus-10.2 net rating this season when Porzingis actively plays for them on the court.


Behind him, the team has the seasoned veteran Al Horford, who will replace Porzingis in the starting lineup if the latter is forced to miss any time due to an injury. This is a luxury, but they need more depth in the frontcourt beyond Horford. The only genuine center who has played any substantial minutes this season is Luke Kornet, and he has only played a few times.


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