Angola Coach Pep Claros Canals Criticizes Naturalization

Angola coach Pep Claros Canals criticizes naturalization
Angola coach Pep Claros Canals criticizes naturalization

Pep Claros Canals, who coaches the Angola men’s basketball team, does not like the idea that countries should naturalize players.

According to NBA Online Betting PH, this is the statements he offered at a press conference minutes after his team lost to the Dominican Republic 75-67 on Tuesday during the FIBA World Cup 2023 in Manila, Philippines.

“We can sign an import like most national teams, and maybe we’re going to score more threes,” Canals said. “That’s a possibility.” “However, I do not believe that this is correct, and FIBA must put an end to this as quickly as possible.

“If things continue as they are, after a few years, there won’t be any locally produced players. Every nation needs to focus on cultivating its own players. This is how I feel about it.

Some players need to be more fluent in the language of the country they’re competing for. There are certain nations that have seven or eight players who were born in a different country than their own.

As a result of the defeat, Angola was unable to proceed to the next round.

The Dominican Republic finished first in its group with a perfect 3-0 record. The Dominican Republic has no players who have become naturalized citizens, but it has six players who were born in countries other than their own.

FIBA rules enable each country to have one player who has naturalized.

Due to the fact that regulations regarding citizenship can vary from country to country, it is simpler for some nations to naturalize an unlimited number of players, yet only one is permitted to participate in each FIBA competition.

In addition, players do not need to have been born in the country they represent to play as a local, provided they can prove their genealogy. However, these players are required to have their passports before they become 16 years old.

The current World Cup has a handful of renowned naturalized players who were only recently naturalized by their respective countries. Two players, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson of Jordan and Kyle Anderson of China, are just two examples.

The Philippines’ Jordan Clarkson, Greece’s Thomas Walkup, Slovenia’s Mike Tobey, Montenegro’s Kendrick Perry, Georgia’s Thad McFadden, Lebanon’s Omari Spellam, and South Sudan’s Carlik Jones are some of the other naturalized players who have seen the game action.

Even if there is a significant height and weight disparity between his guards and those of the Dominican Republic, Pep Claros Canals stated that his preferred method of player development is to start from the ground up.

“We need to create point guards with size,” Canals remarked afterward. “We have two or three very good projects, but they are still in the very early stages.”

One of their two guards competes in the EuroLeague, and the other is the team’s top scorer. ” They are all approximately 210 pounds, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and 6-4 in height. Both of our point guards are really thin and relatively young. Therefore, we must develop this.



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