NBA is one of the most well-known sports leagues in the world, and the Philippines is no exception. With the increasing popularity of sports betting in the Philippines, numerous online betting services have developed, allowing consumers to wager on NBA games. However, not all online betting sites are legitimate. This website seeks to provide an overview of the best NBA betting sites in the Philippines, considering factors like legitimacy, user experience, security, and betting options. Whether you are an existing or a newbie bettor wishing to try your luck, this guide will assist you in locating the finest NBA betting site.



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ultimate guide to nba betting

Betting on NBA games online has become increasingly popular in years, with a growing number of sports enthusiasts seeking to profit by predicting the outcome of basketball games. However, before jumping into the world of online sports betting, it is essential to be aware of certain key factors, such as legal regulations, different types of bets, and the strategies used by successful bettors. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what you should know about betting on NBA games online to help you make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success.



Nowadays, sports betting is a simple process that takes little time to prepare for. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started with NBA online betting in no time. 

find a reputable betting website

Find a reputable betting website

You can choose a betting site by checking our list. We recommend the best platforms that are currently active in the Philippines. After selecting one, you will be asked to set up an account by completing the requested information. Please be aware that supplying accurate information is necessary to verify your account.

deposit money into your account

Deposit money into your account

After the registration, you can now fund your betting account with a deposit. Go to the payment page and select your preferred payment method. Once you’ve determined the amount, click to confirm the transaction.

look for the sports category

Look for the sport's category

Bookies frequently highlight the NBA as one of their featured events because it is a well-watched competition. In addition, it is possible to locate it in the list of sports that are offered, typically found on the left side of the screen or above the matches that are open for betting.

Place a wager

To place a bet, you must select one of the available markets. Bets on the match’s winner are by far the most popular and are ideal for beginners. In any case, choose the wagering option, click on it, and then enter the amount of your bet. Click the confirm button to make your bet official. After that, wait for the start of the game.

How to Enhance Your NBA Betting

We have prepared four tips for you if you’re interested in getting started with NBA online betting today. You will understand how to put your first sports bet in this part.

Know how the markets work

Know how the markets work

There are a variety of choices available than simply picking the team that will win in the game. When it comes to betting on basketball, the Over/Under market is extremely popular, but before you place a wager on it, you need to have a solid understanding of what it represents. Never place a chance on a market in which you lack complete knowledge. In other words, before making your final bet, ensure you are familiar with the market’s available options.

Analyze the matches

Analyze the matches

It is common for us to believe that one team is significantly better than another and, as a result, to believe that team would easily win in the competition. Nevertheless, the outcome is determined not just by the team on paper but also by a number of other circumstances. Before committing to a bet in the NBA, it is important to conduct research on the circumstances that surround the game in concern, such as whether or not one of the teams is dealing with significant player absences or any other issue that might have an impact on the outcome.


Take advantage of the Promotions and Bonuses

Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions is a great way to improve your bets. Some bookmakers will give you better odds if you place multiple bets, while others will give you free bets on specific matches. You will almost certainly be able to get the most out of each NBA bet if you use these bonuses.

NBA Betting Strategies & Tips for Online Betting

It is essential to know how to place your bets before signing up for an account at an online NBA betting website. Otherwise, you will end up losing your money. Although there is no way for us to absolutely ensure victory at this point, we can certainly cut down on the odds of losing. Therefore, in order to help you have more fun and boost your chances with NBA bookmakers, here are some ideas and methods.

  • Do not bet on every game

    The NBA is a league that plays multiple games almost every day during the regular season. As a result, a wide range of matches is available on NBA betting sites Philippines, leading to the bettor wanting to place a wager on each game. This, however, needs to be advised. Choose the best option on matchday by analyzing the event probability and determining whether the offered odds are worthwhile. This increases your chances of profiting from basketball bookmakers.

  • Place your bets early

    If you want to give yourself the best chance of winning while betting on NBA games, you should get your bets in as soon as the morning markets are made available. When you bet early, you have the opportunity to capitalize on mistakes that oddsmakers make when they post the initial lines.

  • Home games

    The home factor is very important in the NBA for certain teams, as it is in many sports. When they play in front of their fans, they appear to gain extra strength. So keep this in mind at all times, because a team that is not the favorite to win can end up winning because they are playing in their home arena.

  • Take advantage of special offers

    Taking advantage of the incentives that are available when you place bets on basketball is sure to be one strategy to boost the amount of money you win. I'm not only referring to the initial deposit bonus; I'm also talking about other promotions, such as free bets and VIP access to NBA games. Keep an eye on the promotions that online basketball betting services are offering, and make the most of these opportunities to boost your earnings.

  • Watch out for your all-time favorites

    It's possible that your favorite team won't always come out on top. As a betting strategy, hoping for the best is not as effective as it is for the fan experience. Make sure that the decision to wager on a team is not made because you are simply following your instincts but rather because you are certain of the approach you will take.

Popular NBA Betting Markets

The NBA is known for being a difficult league at times. Because of this, there are a lot of different betting markets for NBA games. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known and highly sought-after markets here. If you are unfamiliar with betting on NBA games online, then you are in luck since the following paragraph will provide you with information on everything you need to know.


When you bet on totals, it means that you are trying to guess how many points will be scored by both sides throughout the game. Bookmakers choose a number, and players choose whether to wager under or over that amount based on how it was determined. We suggest checking the score potentials of the teams by looking at the matches that they have played in the past.


This is one of the more basic markets that can be found on websites that handle NBA betting. It is sufficient for you to place a wager on the team that you believe will eventually win this match. Because you do not need to have extensive prior expertise to participate in this market, we strongly recommend it to individuals who are just beginning their gambling careers.

Points Spread Bets

For each game played, the point spread betting market typically ranges from evens to 17 points. Never forget that point spreads are determined by a team’s strengths and recent statistics.


A future bet on NBA online is a wager on a game or series of events that will take place in the future, rather than now. It is not the same as betting on the outcome of a single game.

Basketball's top three leagues for betting on NBA betting site

Let’s also talk about the top three leagues that are available for betting on the various online basketball betting sites. We will provide information about the dates of their establishment, the owners, and the primary characteristics.


Chinese Basketball Association

The Chinese Basketball Association is the top men's professional basketball league in China. Players compete at the highest level of the game. The common name for the league among its followers is the CBA, which is really an abbreviated form of the league's full name. It's an interesting fact, but each CBA team can only have a certain amount of players from outside the country while the rest of their roster must be made up of locals. This event features a total of twenty different teams.


National Basketball Association

NBA is an abbreviation for The National Basketball Association, which is the name of a professional basketball league that was established in the North American continent. This competition features 30 different teams, 29 of which are based in the United States, while the other team, which is the sole representative from Canada, is situated in that country. On June 6, 1946, the league was created in New York City; many years later, the NBA league managed to become the most popular basketball tournament in the world. The NBA league was established in New York City. In addition to viewing games, you can also participate in online NBA betting in the Philippines; there are many different wagering choices to choose from.



The professional basketball players from across Europe compete in the EuroLeague to choose who will represent their team the best. There will be a total of 18 teams competing in the tournament; however, only 16 of them will receive wild cards and long-term licenses. The inaugural iteration of the competition was staged in 1958, and ever since then, the FIBA has made it a point to run it on a consistent basis. Because of this, the EuroLeague was able to become one of the most well-known championships in the world, which has contributed to its enormous popularity among gamblers.

Highest Paid NBA playerS


Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors



James Harden

Brooklyn Nets/Philadelphia 76ers



John Wall

Houston Rockets


Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers


LeBron James

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers


Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets


Paul George

Paul George

Los Angeles Clippers


Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles Clippers


Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard


Portland Trail Blazers

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Milwaukee Bucks


Is Sports Betting Legal In The Philippines?

Yes. Residents of the Philippines can place bets with offshore sportsbooks as long as they are licensed and operated legally by a regulated authority. PH bettors can place a wager at any of the online sportsbooks listed on this page without fear of repercussions from any governing body. The Philippine government has officially stated that wagering with an offshore book does not violate any local laws.

What Are Popular Sports To Bet On In The Philippines?

Basketball is the sport that dominates the hearts and minds of Filipinos, despite their interest in a wide range of other sports. The country has a long and illustrious history in the basketball, and many people tune in to watch games from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States. There is a significant amount of interest in watching games and competitions involving national teams, such as the FIBA World Cup.


Additionally, football is a very popular sport in the Philippines, with the majority of attention being paid to international leagues rather than domestic competitions. One example of this is the English Premier League. There is also a great deal of activity surrounding major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup.


Boxing, tennis, baseball, mixed martial arts (MMA), and esports are some of the other popular sports for online betting.

Do Bettors Have To Pay Taxes On Their Winnings?

All winnings from sports betting sites must be taxed. Your earnings determine the amount you pay. Any prizes worth more than PhP 10,000 are subject to a 20% flat tax. The sportsbook typically withholds these taxes, but an international sportsbook may not withhold them.


Otherwise, earnings from online sports betting must be declared ordinary income and reported at the end of the year. Your gambling earnings will be taxed at a rate ranging from 5% to 32%, depending on your tax situation.


For more information on online sports betting taxes, we recommend you consult a tax accountant or lawyer.

Mobile Betting Options

If you prefer to bet using your smartphone or tablet, look into the mobile betting options provided by your favorite sportsbook. Most sportsbooks give some form of mobile betting. Most sportsbooks now offer a mobile-optimized version of their website, allowing you to access it via your mobile web browser.

Mobile-optimized websites are coded so that users can access the same features on their mobile devices that they can on their computers and laptops. Most of the time, the sites provide the same functionality as the PC version. If your sportsbook has a mobile-friendly website, we recommend using Google Chrome or Safari.


Some websites require you to install a mobile app on your iOS or Android device. However, many of these apps will have limited functionality compared to the PC version. This means that betting will only be available for the most popular games and betting styles. You can also deposit funds into your account using mobile apps.


Check the mobile section of your favorite sportsbook to learn more about any available mobile betting options.


If you are in a country or state that allows sports betting and you are not affiliated with the NBA, then you are free to bet on NBA games. Just make sure that you are accessing the game through a legitimate, licensed website that is authorized in your geographical area.

Yes, you can bet on NBA games using your smartphone. Online sports betting is legal in many countries, and there are several mobile sports betting apps that allow you to place bets on NBA games.

The year 1891 marked the beginning of basketball’s existence as a sport.

NBA, FIBA World Championship, Stankovic Intercontinental Basketball Champions Cup, and Olympic Basketball Tournament.

Basketball bettors have a wide range of betting options to choose from. Among the most common types of NBA bets are:


  • Moneylines
  • Point Spreads
  • Totals
  • Props
    Live Betting